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Are you still struggling from issues from your past?

Do you want to move to the next level emotionally, spiritually, financially, and in optimum wellness?

This inspiring and insightful audiobook consists of 4 powerful CD's dealing with a wide range of issues such as divorce, bullying and family dysfunction. 

Dr. Lee has added a Bonus CD entitled "Detox the Mind and the Body Will Heal." The Bonus CD contains a morning and an evening meditation as well as a recipe for "Detox Soup for the Day."

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"Written Before I Was Born" is written by Dr. Cherilyn Lee, but it could have been written by each of us for any of us who have walked in her shoes.  Each of the 16 chapters, though personal, is far from private. For each story is a saga to which each listener can relate in one way or another, coming to believe that before you were born your delivery from evil was already prescribed for you."
                                                                                                                                                   Rev. Dr. Cecil ("Chip") Murray
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